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About WMIS

The World Molecular Imaging Society (WMIS) was established in 2011 by integrating the Academy of Molecular Imaging and the Society for Molecular Imaging into a single streamlined society focused on advancing the field of molecular imaging (MI). Our goal is to drive the acceptance and innovation of multimodal molecular imaging as a critical tool for discovery, preclinical, translational and clinical studies.

All WMIS members receive the journal of WMIS, Molecular Imaging and Biology six times a year, the annual conference Program Book and a reduced registration fee for the annual conference and workshops during the year. 

Membership has advantages:

  • Access to the Molecular Imaging & Biology Journal (included in membership)
  • Member discount for the World Molecular Imaging Congress
  • Ability to participate in our innovative Interest Groups
  • Ability to earn CME credits
  • Opportunities for grants and awards

“Several people have recently posed the question “What makes WMIS different?” One answer is: the uniqueness of WMIS, which stems from our drive to present and support the development and growth of novelty and new scientific discoveries. Innovation and integration are the foundation of WMIS. We have a directed vision and a streamlined ability to adapt to emerging innovations and to integrate them into our society. We also work in tandem with industry, government and advocacy groups, broadening our reach, our knowledge and our base.”

Professor Jason S. Lewis, Past President of WMIS, Emily Tow Jackson Chair at MSKCC

Click here to read Jason S. Lewis’ complete statement about WMIS.

Interest Group Highlights: WIMIN

The December 2017 issue of Molecular Imaging and Biology features an article describing the status of women leaders in STEM. Read the article: The Fermi Paradox in STEM - Where are the women leaders?, by Heike E. Daldrup-Link, MD, PhD.

Upcoming WMIS Meetings

 World Molecular Imaging Congress 2018 September 12-15, 2018 Seattle, WA  2018 'Imaging in 2020' September 23-27, 2018 Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA