Plenary Speakers

The WMIC will featured world class plenary speakers that are experts in their field. Plenary sessions are still being planned. In addition to the plenary speakers, WMIC will feature one session for the Gold Medal Award winner and two named lectures: “Britton Chance Lecture for Advances in Basic Imaging Research” and “Jorge Barrio Lecture for Advances in Clinical Research” (to be announced). Stay tuned for updates to the Plenary Speaker list.


Frank Bengel, MD
Director of Nuclear Medicine, Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany

Talk title: Molecular Imaging in Cardiology




Krzysztof (Kris) Palczewski, PhD

Consultant, Novasite Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Talk title: Exposing Us to New Technology

Peter van Zijl, PhD

Director, F. M. Kirby Research Center, Kennedy Krieger Institute
Research Scientist, Kennedy Krieger Institute
Professor, Department of Radiology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Talk title: CEST Imaging in a Translational State



Anissa Abi-Dargham, MD

Professor, Vice Chair for Research, Department of Psychiatry

Stony Brook University, NY

Talk title: Molecular Imaging of Psychiatry