Industry Workshops

PerkinElmer Industry Workshop

Thursday, September 14, 2017Print

08:00 to 09:30 am

Breakfast will be provided.

Room 201-A

Novel imaging tools to improve workflow and resolution for optical and microCT imaging


Jeffrey Peterson, Ph.D., Director of Applied Biology, PerkinElmer Inc.

Alexandra de Lille, Ph.D., Director, Technical Applications, In Vivo Imaging, PerkinElmer Inc.


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PerkinElmer, a global innovation leader in the development of preclinical imaging instrumentation and agents, provides an array of tools for monitoring functional and anatomical attributes of disease using optical, PET and microCT systems. In this workshop, you will learn about new innovative tools being introduced by PerkinElmer for optical and x-ray anatomical imaging.

The introduction of the IVIS® Lumina S5 and X5 demonstrate PerkinElmer’s commitment to maintaining its leadership in preclinical optical imaging. The new IVIS® Lumina instruments employ innovative methods to speed and simplify imaging workflows, solidifying its place as the gold standard for 2D optical imaging.  With expanded 5 mouse optical and x-ray imaging fields of view, smart accessories and a redesigned X-ray subsystem, significantly improve both acquisition and analysis of data set and gain more information from your experiment than ever before.  

Join us in this session to learn how our advanced tools for optical and microCT imaging will enable you get more answers on anatomical and molecular aspects of disease.

8:00 am: Welcome Breakfast and Introduction

8:15 am: Introducing a new high throughput IVIS Lumina Platform – the IVIS Lumina X5 and IVIS Lumina S5.
Jeffrey Peterson, Ph.D., Director of Applied Biology, PerkinElmer Inc.

8:55 am: Advances in microCT imaging with Quantum GX platform and AccuCT™ Advanced Analysis Software
Alexandra de Lille, Ph.D., Director, Technical Applications, In Vivo Imaging, PerkinElmer Inc.

9:30 am: Close

Mediso Industry Workshop

Thursday, September 14, 2017

07:00 pm

Room 201-A

Refreshments provided.

Mediso Preclinical Workshop: Update on high-end solutions for translational imaging


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Mediso is the World’s most prominent manufacturer and supplier of multimodality hybrid imaging devices. Behind the success is constant technological innovation, which makes the Mediso nanoScan® Family the first-line choice for preclinical imaging. The wide range of portfolio includes the world’s first integrated PET/MRI preclinical equipment. It has since been installed at more than 20 sites in four continents over the past four years and now available with a range of high performance magnets with field strength of 1T, 3T and soon 7T. Configurations of both SPECT/CT, PET/CT, and the newest member SPECT/MRI, can be tailored to meet any requirement, from advanced research institutes to start-up laboratories, while maintaining the highest image quality standards on the market.


7:00 – 7:20: Introduction to the Mediso Preclinical Imaging Portfolio

7:20 – 7:55: Scientific and technical overview of preclinical applications of PET/CT in a diverse medical research environment. Opportunities & Challenges

Daniele Procissi, PhD, Associate  Professor Radiology & Biomedical Engineering

Feinberg School of Medicine & Northwestern University 

Director Preclinical Molecular Imaging Division @ Center for Translational Imaging, Chicago, USA

7:55 – 8:30: High throughput imaging of tumor redox potential with 18F-FSPG

Dr. Patrick N. McCormick and Ms. Hannah Greenwood

Molecular Imaging Group, Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging, University College London, UK.